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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for using Windstar Cruises’ Online Booking Management Tool, MyWindstar®, to help us provide you the Best Small Ship Cruise experience in the world. We’re sorry you’re encountering difficulty; perhaps the Frequently Asked Questions below will help you resolve whatever issues are occurring. If not, please know our Voyage Services staff are just a phone call away. We can’t wait to welcome you onboard your yacht!
  • I’m using my current information to access MyWindstar®, but am unable to login.

    Most likely, you’re experiencing this error because MyWindstar® has been programmed to work best with next-generation web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Guests browsing the web via Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer may encounter issues. If you are using one of these browsers, or if you continue to experience difficulty after trying, please call Voyage Services at (800)258-7245 or send your current address, e-mail and phone number to We will ensure we have the most accurate, recent information for you in your guest folio. This should allow the system to recognize you and log you in to manage your cruise booking.

  • I’m logged in to MyWindstar® but I can’t see my cruise.

    Cruises may take up to 24 hours to appear online after booking. If you’re past this timeframe, you may accidentally have two accounts created, or may be accessing an account that doesn’t recognize you as the passenger in question. Please call Voyage Services at (800)258-7245 or send your current address, e-mail and phone number to We will reset your password and ensure all your guest folio information is up to date. This should allow the system to see your cruise (and allow you to manage your cruise booking.)

  • I can’t remember, or can’t reset, my MyWindstar® password

    Please call Voyage Services at (800)258-7245. We can provide you a temporary password that will allow you to login and change your credentials to whatever you’d like. Because of the sensitive nature of password security, this function cannot be completed via e-mail correspondence.

  • Why can’t I use one email for both guests on the booking?

    MyWindstar® is built to reflect the flexible style of independent travel in which we specialize. We find that very often, guests will choose to participate in activities or shore excursions independent of their traveling companions, so MyWindstar® requires a separate account for each guest. The system will still allow you to book shore excursions for both guests in your cabin or suite, once you’re logged in.

  • MyWindstar® is asking for my Yacht Club Member number. I don’t know or have this handy.

    After your first cruise with Windstar you will become a Yacht Club Member and assigned a number. Your Yacht Club Member number is printed on promotional mailers, and other various paper materials you may receive from Windstar Cruises. The format appears 1234567. If the number is not available to you on recent mailings, please call Voyage Services and we can provide it for you very quickly.

  • When creating a new My Windstar account, I get an error saying “Please contact Windstar.”

    When this occurs, the system has found another account with your name and e-mail address. It will not allow multiple accounts with the same e-mail address. Please proceed with the password reset instructions, or call Voyage Services at (800)258-7245.

  • I think I have booked shore excursions already, but I can’t see them online or when I print an itinerary. What do I do?

    This is most likely an error in the system MyWindstar® communicates with to manage your reservation. Please contact your travel agent or Voyage Services at (800)258-7245 to check your shore excursion reservations at any time.

  • My Shore Excursions are listed, but someone else’s name I’ve never heard of is showing up next to them. What happened?

              Again, this is most likely an error in system communication. Please contact Voyage Services at (800)258-7245 to                           resolve.

  • Can I cancel a shore excursion that I booked with a Vacation Planner or my travel agent prior to the cruise? 
             Yes. If you or Windstar cancels a tour more than 5 business days prior to your cruise departure date, you will be issued                a credit on the credit card you used to pay for your shore excursion reservation. For any cancellations less than 5 days                before departure you will receive an onboard credit where your refund will show up as a credit to your shipboard                          account. If the credit is not fully utilized during your cruise, the balance will be credited back to your credit card by the                    yacht’s purser.
  • Can I cancel a shore excursion when I am on board?
              Yes. When you arrive you will be given a shore excursion booklet and shore excursion booking form. The booking form               has a cancellation deadline listed for the shore excursions for each port. If you cancel your tour reservation after the                      booking deadline stated in the Booking Form, a 100% cancellation fee will apply, since transportation and services will                have already been arranged.


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